Pupuri te pihukahuka mo te Akoranga


It is a journey of challenge set in our unique environment, a journey to excite children’s learning.

It is a journey of rights and responsibility where children’s growth is the core of all that we do. It is a journey we share and one that requires partnerships and the strength of the ‘Team’. It is a journey of risk taking, independence, resilience and initiative.

It is a journey valuing individuality and trust, accepting difference and celebrating success at every paddle stroke. It is a journey for our future to unknown shores.


Central to the Ngunguru School logo is He Matau (the hook). This hook reflects the tools necessary to sustain life here in our unique aquatic environment.  Its parallel symbolism is the skills, knowledge and attitudes our students need to sustain lifelong learning.  The rope that secures the Hook is made of five woven strands. These strands are our school values that combine to hold firm our vision Pupuri te Pihukahuka mo te Akoranga – Hooked on Learning .

The Tukaiaia  - the legendary guardian bird of the Ngati Wai people sits above the Hook with wings spread wide protecting  and guiding the learning and future of our students.


Ngunguru’s Values incorporate students developing a set of moral principles and beliefs that reflect our community and it’s expectations.

 It is our desire that these beliefs framed in the school setting will in turn determine our school values. These 5 key values groups are; The self, Learning, Others, the Environment and Society. Together they combine to provide a well balanced framework for modelling and developing students attitudes and behaviours within Ngunguru School and beyond.