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Tamure 8

Welcome back my Terrific Tamure Terror’s  to Term 2 2020!

…and welcome to our new school website and class web page!

Wow, what a crazy time we have had over Alert level 4 & 3…but I am so looking forward to seeing you back for Alert level 2.

Thank you for all your great ‘Lockdown’ work, it has been super cool seeing the variety of learning you have been doing.  Although everything has been a bit topsy turvy lately we are all going to make the best of our Level 2 liftoff.

We continue this term with our ‘Tanemahuta’ focus and will be starting back with some great art work to ease us back into school life.

As always I welcome your support and consider it essential that you are an active part of your child’s education.

Please feel free to  email me anytime if you have a question concerning your child or their progress. You may also phone me at the office.

Kind regards

Ms Brookland (Ms B)


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