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Our School Song

Zoe Jennings (ZÖ), Creator of the Ngunguru School Song

I studied commercial music at Massey University in Wellington, majoring in music practice. This involved composing lots of music, producing it and composing music for film (which I loved and excelled in), performing in solo and group performances, going on tour, learning about the music industry and the philosophy of music. Basically, I wanted to upskill and meet like minded people, which was the best decision I ever made because it gave me direction and put me in a community of amazing musicians. This meant that I could put out my first EP called War, which I released in my last year of uni in 2019. This would never have happened if I didn’t go to uni and meet other musicians and producers. I’m now in the process of recording my second EP and getting ready to go on tour at the end of the year. I’m focusing on really getting my music career going and I plan to play lots of shows and get my name out there.
The teachers at Ngunguru School nurtured and encouraged my interest in music from day one. They gave me the confidence to believe that I can do what I dream to do, which is to be a successful musician. I’m so grateful and forever proud of the school and the teachers for believing in me and giving me the opportunities to grow.