First Aid

Basic facilities are provided at the sick bay adjoining the school office.  Ngunguru school staff are trained regularly in the use of first aid.

Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse has regular contact with our school.


If your child requires medication at school, please notify the school office and your child’s teacher. Medical and immunisation records are held securely in the school office.

Medical supplies are held in the First Aid room for use by your child. Your child may be referred to the Public Health Nurse by parents or teachers if a health problem appears to exist. To contact the Public Health Nurse office: Phone 09 437 1061

Dental Team

The Dental caravan has scheduled visits to our school approximately every 18 months. These dates will be advertised in the school newsletter. Parents are welcome to contact the dental therapist with any queries. Phone 0800 MY TEETH.

Hearing and Vision Testing

Hearing and vision screenings are done annually. Children may be enrolled at the clinic at age two and be treated until the five-year-old level. Thereafter children who failed the initial test or who are referred by parents or teachers, receive further screenings up to Year 8. Parents are welcome to contact the therapists with any queries. Phone 09 430 4100

Ministry of Health Infectious Diseases Information & Exclusion List

For at-a-glance information on a number of diseases, please click HERE. Shows how each disease is spread, early symptoms, time between exposure and sickness, and for how long children and adults should be excluded from early childhood centres, school, or work.