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General Information

Children’s Clothing and other Personal Items

We recommend all items of children’s clothing be named. Lost property is held in storage and parents may inspect and claim articles anytime during the school day. Please check with the school office first. Treasured and valuable items are not to be brought to school except by prior arrangement.

Salt Air Cafe lunch orders: Mondays and Wednesdays

Children are able to order lunch from Salt Air Cafe on Mondays and Wednesdays. Cash only orders using order form/menu at the office by 0830.  Alternatively EFTPOS orders can be made directly at the Cafe. Food orders are delivered to the office by 1230, ready for the child to pick up.

Menu and Order Form

Collecting Children from School During School Hours

Parents who require children to leave school during school hours must arrange to have them picked up from the office area or the child’s own home group area.


Children aged 9 years and over may ride a bicycle to school provided that:

  • The cycle is maintained in a road-worthy condition
  • The child knows and uses the road code
  • The child wears a protective helmet


When enrolling your child you will be required to bring their birth certificate or passport and vaccination information. The enrolment packages takes about 5 minutes to complete and is available in the school office (please ask for the new entrant enrolment pack).

Getting to school

Children are encouraged to walk to and from school by the shortest route, using appropriate walkways and footpaths, and to walk with a friend or in a small group. No child will be detained in school after 2.40pm unless prior notification has been given to parents.

Home Learning

Home learning is an integral part of the successful learning partnership between the home, the student and the school. Comprehensive guidelines are available from your class teacher or from the office.

Notification of Pupil Absences

Parents are requested to notify the school office of their child’s absence before 8.30am each morning. Written notes are required if no other notification of absence has been made.

Parent Helpers

Parents who wish to participate in the school programme are most welcome. Parent assistance can include helping with:

  • Children’s learning

  • Library assistance

  • Helping the FoNS Fundraisers

  • Sport

  • School trips

  • Activity programmes etc


Parking is always a safety issue at school. The school bus parking area must only be used for dropping of or picking up children. Cars are not to park there for any reason. Please observe the “No Parking” areas.

School Grounds

Children and parents are most welcome to use the school grounds outside school hours, but please observe the restrictions;

  • No skateboards, golf, dogs.
  • The School is a Non Smoking Environment

Hireage of Grounds

The school grounds may be hired by approved persons.  Organisations or individuals wishing to use or hire the school grounds must apply to the Principal in writing.

Special Education Services

Children with special learning needs e.g. learning, behavioral, may be referred to Special Education Services by parents or teachers.

Telephone Contact Numbers

Parents must keep the school informed of telephone number changes for both work and home.

Talking to the Principal or Teacher

The office staff and Principal are always prepared to assist you with your enquiries and concerns. We have a genuine ‘open door’ policy. We would far rather deal with a concern before it becomes a problem.

It is usually necessary to make an appointment if you wish to speak to the principal or a teacher about matters related to the well-being of your child.
Teaching staff are not available to answer the telephone during school times and with our early start before school is difficult as staff are preparing for their day. Please leave a message. They will return your call. Alternately you can e-mail teachers and they will respond at the end of the day. E-mail addresses are on class webpages and available from the office. School and class information and updates are shared weekly by email, the Hero app, and Facebook (when appropriate).

Parent helpers are encouraged to be involved in the class by arrangement with the teacher. This might include helping with reading,  the writing programme, school trips, sporting and craft activities.


There is currently no formal uniform at Ngunguru School though a hat to support our ‘Sunsmart policy’ is essential for Terms 1 & 4.