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Bring Back Our History

We are Bringing Back Our History into the minds and hearts of the students at Ngunguru School. We are called the BBOH (pronounced bee-bo) Team.

Our intention is to share our knowledge with as many people as possible.  We have done interviews with past staff and students of Ngunguru School and produced a booklet linked here ‘Hooked on Memories… of Ngunguru School

Ngunguru School was one of 5 community problem solving teams who were invited to enter a nation-wide competition. BBOH won the middle division and were invited to Winconsin USA in June 2011 to compete at the International Competition.

This webpage has some of the fruits of the BBOH team’s labours.

Stories from our past

One of the best ways to understand the past is by listening to the stories of people who have been a part of the school themselves.

People who have worked as a teacher, teacher aide, caretaker or even as a parent helper.

People who have come to our school for a short time or a long time to learn.

People who simply have had Ngunguru School itself as part of their lives.

Everyone has a story or two to share, and this is where we can share them with you.  Todays present is tomorrows history.

Our Interviews:

Kaumatua Sonny Wellington PDF or Powerpoint

Rob Allen (Caretaker)

Laurel Fergusson (Student 1940s)

Pearl Dyer (Teacher 1980s)

Beryl Halverson (Student 1940-50s)

Doreen Wordsworth (nee Kyte) (Teacher 1940s)

Kim Bainbridge (Student 1960s)

Mrs Clothier (Student 1920s)

Lisa Friend (Student 1970-80s)

Rita Soloman (Student)

Selwyn Armstrong (Student 1920-30s)