Pupil Support Services

Pupil Support / Services and Welfare
During your child's years at primary school, instruction in the seven Essential Learning Areas will be experienced. These areas include reading, mathematics, oral and written language, handwriting and spelling. Other school subjects include social studies, science, technology, health, music, art, drama, dance and physical education. Ngunguru is constantly striving to increase the natural integration of Te Ao Maori and Information and Communication technology has a strong influence within our curriculum. 

Class learning is supplemented with special programmes of support for pupils. Throughout the year a range of interesting and challenging programmes are offered to: 

Gifted  & Talented Education: Information on Gifted & Talented education at Ngunguru Primary can be found by clicking here Gifted & Talented

Reading/Language Support: Small group/individual tuition clearly targeted to the needs of those pupils needing a catch-up in literacy. 

Behaviour: Teachers at this school work positively with children, encouraging high standards of work, genuine effort and responsible behaviour. When a misdemeanour occurs, some appropriate form of punishment may be given. Where necessary, this will include consultation with parents. We have zero tolerance to bullying and will quickly deal with all instances of verbal or physical bullying brought to our attention. The key focus is on empowering pupils with strategies to deal with situations they may encounter.


Student Welfare:

A designated ‘Girl Friend’ staff member is identified and receives training to support  the needs of our older female students.


Dental Clinic: Children are screened by a mobile service.  Any children requiring treatment are referred to the nearest clinic loated at Tikipunga Primary School.

Health Nurse: The services of a public health nurse are available and assist teachers from time to time with relevant units of study as well as for support in health related issues for students.

Hearing and Vision Testing: After entry to school, the Whangarei Health Vision & Hearing Testing Team check each child. You will be contacted if there is any concern.

Resource Teacher – Learning and Behaviour: The services of the “RTLB’ is available to help the school deal with problems relating to behaviour, attendance, specific learning needs / abilities and other similar problems.

Group Special Education: A School Psychologist in the diagnosis of children's difficulties, may be called upon to assist, should this be considered necessary. It is usual to seek parental approval in these cases.

Speech Therapist: Therapists visit the school annually to make initial assessments of speech needs, and if there is sufficient need, time at school will be provided for children to be treated.