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What are the local pre-schools?

Ngunguru is supported by a local playcentre and two pre school centres; Pipis and Open Spaces. More details on these can be found on the home page in our sponsors and friends section.

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Do you have a school bus service?

The timetable for Ngunguru School Ministry of Education school buses, for eligible students (see here), is shown below. Alternately please contact the school office.


Bus Timetable: Times Approx
High School Run
Sandy Bay7.30
Matapouri Store7.35
Ngunguru School7.55
Wellington's Bay7.35
Ngunguru School7.45
Steam Boat Landing7.55
Tongatu Road8.05
Munro Place8.10
Ngunguru School8.15
High School Run
Waitoi Road7.45
Ngunguru School7.55
Ngunguru School2.30
Tongatu Road2.40
Steam Boat Landing2.50
Ngunguru School2.30
Waitoi Road2.35
Wellington's Bay2.40
Matapouri Bay3.00
Sandy Bay3.10



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What are the Term Dates at Ngunguru School?

The date of the 2018 terms are:

Term 1: 7 Feb to 13 April

Term 2: 30 April to 6 July

Term 3: 23 July to 28 September

Term 4: 15 October to 20 December

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What is taught in today's schools?

Ngunguru School has a curriculum through which children learn

  • to talk, listen, read and write efficiently
  • to master mathematical ideas and skills with a particular emphasis on Numeracy.
  • to appreciate their heritage and the unique natural world they live in
  • to express themselves through drama, art and music
  • to by physically fit and to understand some important things about good health

Underlying all of this is the important fact that the school's programme is most likely to be successful when it builds on and is supported by home experiences. The most effective curriculum is the one in which parents and teachers work together as partners.

Please visit the curriculum section of our website for more information.

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How can I become a sponsor?

We are grateful for any assistance, please contact our school administration:

Ngunguru School
Te Maika Road

(09) 434 38 05

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What is the NZ Diabetes Association doing to help address the needs of kids with type 1 diabetes while attending school?

In response to the needs of parents seeking help to work with school staff and administration to ensure their children’s medical needs are addressed while attending school, the Association has developed proposed legislation. This is available on their website.