Whai 11 2020

Working from home...

If you need your studyladder password, please let me know.


  • Read a chapter book for at least 20min every day, and report back to mum or dad what had happened.  Email me for the class Epic code.

  • Studyladder - do 3 reading comprehension or vocabulary tasks daily at level 7 (Sequential lessons)

  • Freerice online vocab game


  • Times tables frenzies (for those given the books)

  • Year 8s: Dragon Maths from last year - work through 2 pages per day in the Number & Algebra section.

  • Year 7s: Mighty Maths booklet - work through 2 pages per day.

  • Studyladder - complete 3 tasks in all different areas at level 7.

  • Sheppards Software online games


  • Write for at least 20mins every day about anything you like.  See if you can improve your word count each day.  Set yourself a target of something you would like to include (eg. speech, metaphor, persuasive).  This could be done on google drive and shared with me, or send me a photo of it if you prefer to write it.

  • Studyladder - find a task and complete it.

Other ideas

  • Study sheets (all children were given a booklet of 6 sheets)

  • Share something with us on google drive and we will have a look!

  • Keep well, meditate, do yoga, exercise

  • Learn Spanish

  • Learn an instrument

  • Create some art

If you have any queries, please contact me during normal school hours at vtaylor@ngunguru.school.nz

Kind regards,

Vicki Taylor 

Term 1 Letter 2020