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12.06.2018 08:07 Age: 1 year
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School Production Video

School Production Video

The saga of the video of the Super, Duper, Hairy, Scary Taniwha Hunt video!

We have finally come to the decision that technically there is nothing more we can do to improve the quality of our school production video. While the school paid for  professional camera operators it would be an understatement to say that we are hugely disappointed with the end result .

For that reason we have decided that we are unable to charge for such a a poor quality product (even to cover our costs) and so we are  making it available to our school community free of charge. For those parents who have paid in advance please contact the office for a refund.

The video can be viewed online as outlined below.

To get a copy of the 2017 Production movie, please go to: https://tinyurl.com/yc3nsf<wbr />6c This will take you to a Google Dive page where you can watch it directly or download it, if you wish. Note it is 3GB in size, MP4 format.

If you wish to get a physical copy please bring a blank DVD or a USB thumb drive/memory stick into the office, and Scott will make you a copy.
Any technical questions please don't hesitate to contact Scott ssutherland@ngunguru.<wbr />school.nz